PiiiiiG Bank Coin Bank



Ever wish your coin bank can get bigger whenever you need them to? Or wish you could just take out a certain amount from the coin collection without the hassle of breaking the bank? Now here's a fun solution! This PiiiiiG Coin Bank comes with a cute style and an easy to withdraw and expand design. Simply open up the piggy bank and take out the coins as you need to. When there are more coins and you need more space, simply get another "PiiiiiG Slice" (sold separately), and attach it to the body. Watch your bank gets "fatter" as you get richer!

New version of this popular expandable piggy bank is finally here!! New material and improved locking system makes it fun to touch and easy to use. This time, they even brought along 2 new friends : Squid and Elephant! The family is expanding!!

NOTE: ÊElephant and Pink Pig are SOLD OUT. ÊThank you!


Brand: Lucky Rice
Material: PVC
Size: L5.3 x O4.1Ó