Paper Pot



A refreshing new take on tissue paper holders from Japan! With its cute shape, fun bright colors and useful function, this revolutionary Paper Pot adds a beautiful and modern twist to your home decor.

The Paper Pot is designed for both toilet paper and tissue paper. Proper instructions on how to fill the Paper Pot can be seen below. Keep your tissues anywhere in the home that need's a splash of color and decor...Bathroom, Kitchen, Livingroom, Bedroom, Kid's room..etc. you can buy two colors create your own top and bottom color combinations. This is a beautiful addition to any home and makes a great House Warming Gift. 

For bold and simple colors, check out the original Paper Pot for more variety!

Get this new colorful edition and add more variety to your room decor! 

Winner of Japan Good Design Award
Good Design Award 2008

Paper Pot Instruction

Brand: AI Collection
Material: ABS
Size: W6.8" x H6.7"
center tube: W6.2"xD1.2"