Grass Leaf Pen



Writing has never felt so natural.

Admit it, writing can be a chore. And who needs to write anyway when you can text and type, right? Well, once you start to write with our delightfully wiggly Grass Leaf Pens, you will be inspired to keep on going! 

Designed by Zeup Design Studios, each pen looks like a long blade of grass, encased in a soft silicone leaf mold that sways gently as you write, as if it is being brushed by the wind. Adds new life to your meetings notes or when journaling your free thoughts throughout the day. 

Keep a stack of pens in a display pot or any make shift "vase" for a gorgeous and naturally swaying display of grass to enjoy feeling at one with nature. Big bonus for plants that never need to be watered!

Comes in a set of 3 pcs with assorted shades of Spring colors.  

- All pens write in black ink
- Spring set includes Forest Green, Spring Green and Yellow Green.
- Used pens can be stacked into any container to make a beautiful display

Material: Silicone, ABS, Rubber
Size: 10.9" x Diameter 0.4"