Face-It Workshop - Fruits and Vegetables



Exercise your imagination

Ever look at an apple and imagined what it would look like with anime eyes and pouty lips? How about that plate of pancakes on your table; What would it look like with a twirly mustache and bushy eyebrows? Have you ever wondered what the clouds would look like with big eyes and goofy teeth?

Face-It. The world around us is full of life and artistry. With the Face-It workshop, you can bring the every day objects found in each playful sticker book to life using the wide array of colorful and originally designed eyes, noses and mouths. The Fruits and Vegetables Edition features 36 hi-resolution images and associated names of different fruits and veggies for you to personalize and bring to life, as well as help your kids learn their names.

Inspired by his children and their spark and curiosity, Dreaming Daddy introduced the Face-It Workshop sticker books to help encourage their creative process and their fine motor development. An added bonus is finding out how fun it is for adults too!

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- Bright glossy pages and reusable PVC static cling stickers ensure hours of replayable fun!
- If stickers lose their cling, rinse with water to refresh their static stickiness!
- Sticker pages can be torn out and stored in pouch on the last page.
- Comes with 36 original illustrations and 5 sticker sheets with enough facial parts for each page
- Encourages artistic expression and creativity as well as fine motor functioning in children
- Allows access to the Face-It Workshop App, available exclusively on Apple store
- Great for travelling and keeping entertained on long trips with your kids (or for yourself!)

Brand: Dreaming Daddy
Material: Paper, PVC, Metal wire binding
Size: 8.3" x 7.9"