Dragonfly Magnet



Add a bit of prosperity to your day

The designers that brought you the fabulous Grass Leaf Pens introduce the adorable Dragonfly Magnets to your desk and office decor. The Dragonfly is a creature full of symbolism that spends most of it's life as a baby in the waters, with only a few short moments flying as an adult. A reminder to seize the day and live fully in the precious moments of the present times.

The Chinese see the Dragonfly as bearers of luck and harmony, while the Samurai embraced them as symbols of power and perseverance! Enjoy a bit of both and accentuate your home and office with these playful magnets, available in 4 colors.

- Each color set comes with 6 magnets
- Pair with the Grass pens for a colorful addition to your desk!