Concrete Sketch Pencil



A solid tool for creativity.

This concrete sketch pencil has been specifically designed to provide the perfect writing experience. Both its weight and contoured construction give you the confidence for free-hand drawing, and, the more you use it, the more it will adapt and respond to your hand. Additionally, an elegantly designed pencil sharpener has been integrated into the pencil, opposite the writing tip, to ensure maximum utility.

Now available in 2 handsome color options. Original and White.

- Includes one 5.5mm graphite lead. 
- Cap at the tip can be used to sharpen the pencil. 
- 5.5mm lead refills can be purchased online or at regular stationary/art supplies. Hold down the cap to release the lead.

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Brand: 22 Design
Designer: Sean Yu & Yiting Cheng
Material: Cement, Brass (Nickel Plated)
Size: H4.0 x D0.8"