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HARVEST LABEL®, established in 1995, is a lifestyle accessories brand based out of Osaka, Japan. Originally inspired by vintage mil-spec (military) design and functional aesthetics, Harvest Label fused master craftsmanship into military inspiration to create an exceptional premium line of bags for men. Over the next two decades, the brand evolved to craft an increasingly wide range of eye catching unisex designs that you see today.

Celebrating Harvest Label brand’s 20th anniversary, the NightHawk collection was released, keeping with its core concept of urban mil-spec standard, but also focusing on made in USA quality. A collection of original, durable bags that will last a lifetime.

The fabric is also custom-made and specifically engineered to meet the fabric performance and durability specifications of the CORDURA® brand. To compliment the fabric, metal components and custom-made webbings were used throughout for added originality and aesthetics to stand out from the rest.

Choose between NightHawk black or NightHawk original camouflage pattern.

Go to www.harvest-label.com for more info.

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