Tina Frey Design

The company was founded in San Francisco, California by Tina Frey. It was started as an outlet for her many creative interests with the objective to design and manufacture a collection of simple decorative home accessories, useful objects, and jewelry in resin. Tina Frey Designs is a line of modern resin designs which range from organic shapes to sleek clean lines. All the products are designed or sculpted by Tina Frey and all the finished pieces are truly handmade and hand finished with care. In this way, we can ensure the quality and integrity of each piece. The wide range of colors of the products is inspired by hues of delicious translucent popsicles, jelly beans, solid candies, or can be reminiscent of rich finishes like stone. Each piece is unique as is the color variation between collections which contributes to the beauty and richness of the pieces. The line currently includes bowls, vases, vessels, trays, jewelry, furniture, and decorative stones which also serve as paperweights. Fueled by a passion for fresh new designs, new products will be added frequently.