The 4th Dimension Watch: The Ultra-Minimalist Concrete Watch

Posted October 07 2015

The poetically inspired 4th Dimension Concrete Watch goes live on Kickstarter to the anticipation of luxury watch enthusiasts and architectural lovers across the country.

For immediate release. 

Los Angeles, California, October 7th, 2015 - 22 Design Studios and Mollaspace, Inc launches the luxurious 4th Dimension Concrete Watch on Kickstarter after years of fine tuning and reconstruction. Minimally elegant, this highly anticipated watch is inspired by the frenetic pace of urban living intersected with the resolute construction within the city. 

An innovative brand in Taiwan, 22 Design Studios are known for their minimal approach to design and their love for concrete, their signature material. “The city houses us, moves us and protects us with the concrete and steel,” says Sean Yu, the head designer of 22, “and also inspires us!” Their unique and specialized formula of high grade concrete is developed in house an accounts for the lightweight and sturdy nature of all their products. 

They introduced a successful series of concrete jewelry in 2007, before quickly expanded into a popular collection of luxury writing utensils in 2011. The 4th Dimension Watch represents their latest creative vision; the spiral staircase expressing the stillness found in those moments when we stop rushing from destination to destination, and enjoy the peace that exists between Time and Space. A beautiful conversation piece, the 4th Dimension Watch is anticipated by luxury watch enthusiasts and architectural design lovers alike. 

The concrete surface of the watch is a 1mm thick hand molded and crafted concrete panel, fortified and tested to maintain structural integrity through use. Exclusively designed brass hands float above the dial to characterize three dimensional time movement. Assembled by craftsmen with over 30 years of experience, the high end bezel is a medical grade stainless steel that is acid and alkaline resistant as well as anti-corrosive. The face is encased in a durable clear sapphire crystal rated 9 on the Mohs scale. Sturdy, hand crafted Italian leather bands stabilize the watch and deepen in color with use, to emphasize the concept of Time.

After taking Taiwan’s design community by storm, 22 Design Studios is teaming up with Mollaspace, a Los Angeles distributer and curator of unique design, to bring the newly reconstructed 4th Dimension Concrete Watch to the United States. “We strive to steadily push our brand into becoming a globally recognized one,” explains Sean with the same passion and intensity that established 22 Design as a brand to watch for in Taiwan. “I really hope people see the beauty and poetry behind the design of this watch.”

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