4th Dimension Watch - Putting it all together - Part 2

Posted September 24 2015

A good watch is judged by the sum of its parts. 

22 Design Studios went through multiple product redesigns before deciding on the parts that determined the final quality of the product. After extensive trials with different manufacturers, we decided on the follow parts; 

The crown is shaped with a standard dodecagon with a hollowed out center. It is designed with the intention to correspond the details of the watch design with the concept of time and space. 

The bezel is made of 316L stainless steel with a brushed finish. 316L stainless steel is also known as white steel. It is a medical grade stainless steel that does not cause allergic reactions on the skin. Additionally, it is acid and alkaline resistant as well as anti-corrosive. 

 To ensure clarity on the 4th Dimension Watch, we chose sapphire crystal to encase the face of time. The hardness of sapphire crystal is second only to that of a diamond. It tests 2200-2300 on the Vickers Hardness Test (seven times harder than steel) and rates a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Sapphire crystal is light permeable, almost completely frictionless and is high in heat tolerance as well. It is also more resistant to wear than crystal glass.

The 4th Dimension Wristwatch is substantial in weight (104.5 g) and required a quality band, durable and thick enough, to support it. The band was selected from the honored craftsmanship of Italian leather, treated with the traditional vegetable tanning process, and hand stitched with twine by long standing professionals. Each band is individually hand made to order and, at over 3 mm thick, is built to last with proper care. 

There is a lot of love and attention put towards the details in putting together the 4th Dimension Watch. The final result is a quality weighted time piece with a delicate design and a sturdy feel that is sure to please your senses and enhance your aesthetic. 

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