4th Dimension Watch - Putting it all together - Part 1

Posted September 22 2015

How does the 4th Dimension Watch stand out? 

22 Design's expertise is in the unique Concrete foundation in their accessories. The 4D watch continues the tradition of blending gorgeous fashion sense with the urban edge of concrete. 

The face of the watch represents the culmination of efforts used to bring the classic 4th Dimensional design to a wrist watch. Earlier models of the concrete watch dial used a pure concrete blend but turned out to have a fatal flaw; the concrete was too fragile at the required thickness of 0.9 mm and was susceptible to warping or cracking. 

They had to create a brand new formula specifically for the watch and, after much trial and error, established the perfect blend of concrete and resin. This formula preserved the beauty and texture of the concrete while reinforcing and stabilizing the material to our required strength.

Throughout this process, both the mold filling and grooming are done by hand, allowing each piece to retain the touch and unique patterns that come with handcrafting.  

The hands are designed exclusively to correspond with the three-dimensional watch surface.  The hands of time float effortlessly above the concrete spiral that represents the 12 hours on the face of time. Three-dimensional hands allow our watch face to transcend traditional two-dimensional thinking to leap into four-dimensional thought. 

Since the hands are heavier than usual, a high torque, precise, and stable mechanism was required. The GL36 Quartz movement from Citizen Miyota was chosen, which has an excellent and growing reputation, for movements that are long lasting, innovative and accurate. 

With the construction completed for the face of the watch, the next step was to figure out the structure and adornments to house them... 

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