Inspiration and progression of 4th Dimensional Time

Posted September 21 2015

What is the 4th Dimension? 

The 4th Dimension represents the intersection between time and space. With this in mind, the simplicity of the spiral staircase immediately stood out as a bold visual representation of this new space in time. Each step is precisely turned at a 30° angle to align 12 steps together, each representing an hour, to form a complete Escher-like cycle connecting two separate dimensions in time. Serving as a break in between spaces, the stairs present an opportunity to pause between time and space. Instead of rushing from point to point, we can slow down in this physical space to reflect on our moods and our thoughts, and take a moment to pause and appreciate the stillness in between. 

The concept for the 4th Dimensional Watch was born in 2010, however it took many years to fine tune and materialize the final product. Due to the high threshold of manufacturing watches, we decided on a step by step approach and started by working on simpler structures. Since then, we launched our acclaimed Concrete Wall clocks and Desk Clocks while simultaneously working on our watch design.

The four years following involved numerous samples, revisions and relationships with suppliers all across the globe before we resolved on the final design and form of the watch. The last edition was picked up by MOMA in the United States and was generating a great buzz, however due to issues with the main manufacturer, we had to pull the watch and cease production. 

18 months later, we forged the physical form, transforming this lofty concept into the beautiful and functional watch you see today. After learning many lessons from rushing through our first round of production, fine tuning the details of the design and undergoing extensive quality checks, the latest edition is finally ready for the market. 


We are very proud of the heart and soul poured into this project and we hope you feel the same once you see the final product. On October 5th, you can be a part of this design revolution and join our efforts to bring this new dimension to Kickstarter. 

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