History of 22 Design and the birth of a new foundation

Posted September 14 2015

Who is 22 Design Studio? 

Sean Yu and Yiting Cheng were both 22 years old when they graduated from college in 2005 and decided to merge their creative talents to form their own brand. In order to remember the motivation and vitality that drove the creation of their brand, and with the hope of never forgetting their original aspirations, they named their creation 22™ - as a tribute to their age when the studio was born.

During a trip to Japan in 2006, the two designers witnessed and experienced the thrill of many classic contemporary buildings and found their inspiration amidst the busy hustle of the city. Since that point, concrete became the medium of choice for their creativity, eventually growing to become an essential characteristic of 22™ products, which range from jewelry to writing tools to time pieces. 

At 22 Design, our muse is the contemporary architecture of the city. As urban creatures, it is not long before we are acutely aware of how deliberate our fashion statements and accessory choices are. The Concrete collection of jewelry and accessories are inspired by this dynamic dance between urban living and style. We strive to create gorgeous and unique products by combining simplicity in design with exclusive materials and constantly push ourselves to design the most unique products in the world. 

22™ concepts are innovative and the materials are unique to their own exclusive formula; the studio and production center are located in the same building allowing a closeness that accounts for the integrity of the production process for all the concrete products. 

The 4th Dimensional watch is the natural evolution of our exploration into design. We hope you are as delighted with our discoveries as we are in designing them for you!

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